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Since the late 70s we have enjoyed the love of music and pop and rock songs. As performers in bands when we were still in our early teens or later as songwriters, we have always shared the same passion. And as in almost all cases, we were barely able to get a glimpse of the professional world... that's not easy at all.

For these and many other unmentionable reasons we decided to launch this website and its various social networks and associated channels, so that we could at least share this great hobby with all those who feel the same passion as we do.

We are not professors, nor musical geniuses (or maybe we are), nor do we have the sixteen to twenty years of conservatory education that would qualify us to be career instrumentalists or composers. So we can't give lessons to anyone. But we lived the miracle of the 60s and 70s and we were lucky enough to live with those who were pioneers of pop and rock, and also the 80s movement where we were able to go on stage almost every week... We had a venue, an old-fashioned garage or the basement of a house, and there we shared with our friends the best of our time, experiences and songs.

And as that is something indelible, many years later we are still here, wanting that dream not to fade away and playing the music of our references and rock idols. We are still unrepentant fans and we don't give up the right to continue playing, even though the venues and parties are not at their best right now. 

So this is an open group, a community of musicians who are not resigned and where we are going to share information with all our followers, to talk about bands and themesand to listen to your compositions and ideas and maybe generate collaborative projects, accept suggestions, and finally to meet up whenever possible or promote play whenever possible or promote moves.

And all of this, as it could not be otherwise in these times, by spreading the internet networks from one house to another so that this does not get lost. If you like the idea, sit down and feel comfortable, share with us whatever you like and let's see how far we can go... The door is always open to you.

Remember that you can send us your questions and suggestions at

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